RediCloud v2

RediCloud is a cluster based cloud system for Minecraft. It runs with Redis and is designed for performance.



Some features are listed below. You can find all features in our documentation


RediCloud uses the Redis database to store data and communicate. Redis is an in-memory database that brings maximum speed.

Open Source

The project is open source and available on github. An entire community can actively develop the project.


The cloud system is cluster based. Any number of nodes can be connected. If a node fails, the other nodes take over.

Powerful API

There is an API which can be used for plugins. It is also possible to code your own module swhich can run on a server or node.


The RediCloud installation process is very simple. If there are any problems, we are happy to help on the Discord.

1. Download

Download the cloud and extract the zip file.

2. Permission

Run "chmod +x <start-file>" to give permission to the start file.

3. First Start

Start the cloud with "./<start-file>". First start took a while...

4. Setup

Answer all questions in the console such as database credentials

You need help?

Here you will find a small overview of where you can get help.

Github Issues

  • Feature requests
  • Bug report
  • Asking for help


  • Asking for help
  • Feature requests
  • Bug report


  • Asking for help (24/7)
  • Feature requests
  • Bug report